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JKPower energizes the most innovative wearable devices. (Custom cells available.)

Solutions for any device, from innovative child monitoring to advanced medical devices.

Our patented lithium cell technology provide the power and energy density required for wearable devices. We have solutions for anything including watches, pet trackers, and activity monitoring devices. With the ability to manufacture lithium ion and lithium polymer cells with custom shapes and sizes as well as electrical properties, JKPower can provide lithium cells for any wearable application.

Our Power Disc (PD), Flexible Lithium Polymer Battery (FLPB), and small format Superior Lithium Polymer Battery (SLPB) product lines are ideal for packing the most power or energy into small devices.



Our Wearables Sector Products Include:

Newborn Vitals Monitor

When deciding on a monitoring device for your child, safety and reliability are a must. At JKPower we ensure that all of our lithium cells meet the highest safety and reliability standards, while being compact enough to fit even the smallest monitoring devices. With fast charging rates, our cells provide convenient, trusted, and reliable power to monitoring devices that won’t skip a beat. For unique applications, check out our custom cell options.

Advanced Medical Wearables

When it comes to wearable medical devices, reliability, safety, and convenience are the highest priority. At JKPower our variety of lithium cell sizes and shapes allow for the most slim and elegant devices while providing the energy and power that your devices need. With fast charging rates and high capacities, our cells allow devices such as insulin pumps, activity monitors, and vital monitors to be as convenient as possible.

Pet & Animal Activity Monitors

We know how important everyone’s pets are, that’s why we never take shortcuts with our lithium cells. JKPower’s lithium cells have been designed for applications that keep your pet safe and healthy. From tracking devices to security devices, JKPower has a lithium cell tailored to fit your device’s needs.
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