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Custom Cell Products

When the status quo just doesn’t cut it, JKPower has a solution for you.

With over a decade of experience in the lithium battery cell industry, we at JKPower know that very demanding applications need custom cells optimized for performance characteristics and tight form factors. That’s why we are glad to help both in the design and manufacturing of custom cells for your application. JKPower is capable of providing cell dimensions to suit your application’s needs.

Whether its energy density, power density, or just a tight fit, we have a solution that will take your application to the next level.

The cells shown are just a few of the possible custom geometries possible with our patented manufacturing processes.


Available Customization:

Variability in Thickness

Our Patented encapsulation, stacking, and folding technologies allow for increasing or decreasing the number of electrode pairs with minimal added costs.

Custom and Irregular Shapes

Our lithium ion manufacturing processes use z-folding and stacking techniques that allow for customizable shapes and sizes including donuts, C-shaped, and D-shaped cells without sacrifices in quality or cost. This means your device can have less unused space with more capacity for longer run times.

Custom Chemistry

With over 10 years of experience with multiple lithium ion cell chemistries, we can customize cells to meet the power density, energy density, charging rates, and/or cycle life your application demands.

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