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Large Format Superior Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries

Superior Lithium Polymer Batteries (SLPB) for large scale and high-power applications.

JKPower’s SLPB large format lithium pouch cells are the highest quality, rechargeable, large format, lithium battery cells on the market. The JKPower high capacity large format cells provide power densities up to 2,600 W/kg and energy densities up to 185 Wh/kg. With continuous discharges of 660 A in a single cell, these models are designed for high power and high energy applications ranging from hybrid vehicles to defense technologies.

Our cells have unrivaled power density, providing enough power for any application ranging from hybrid vehicles to defense technology.

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Available Large Format Lithium Battery Cells

Max Discharge Rate (C)Dimension (mm)
Cell TypeNo.ModelNominal Capacity (Ah)Weight (g) / MaxContinuousPeakWidthLengthThicknessEnergy Density (Wh/kg)Internal Resistance (mΩ) / MaxCertification
Ultra High Energy NMC1SLPB0800852702638724992757.92491.6UL, UN
Ultra High Power NMC1SLPB98188216P3078020301992239.41460.7UN
2SLPB130255255P75183081526826513.71540.4UL, UN, CE
High Energy NMC1SLPB12021621653109558226227121820.9UL, UN, SBA, CE
2SLPB120216216G160114035226227121950.6UL, UN
4SLPB1202552557515353526826511.81820.65UL, UN, SBA, CE
5SLPB130255255G110318102326826513.3210.60.55UL, UN, CB
6SLPB12046033015030202346232710.51860.5UL, UN
7SLPB14046033020039552346232713.61890.5UL, UN
8SLPB16046033024045102346232715.81980.5UL, UN
High Power NMC1SLPB100216216H4094081222622710.31590.8UL, UN, SBA
2SLPB120216216HR246114581222622712.21500.5UL, UN
4SLPB125255255H751665812268265131680.55UL, UN, SBA, CE
5SLPB125255255G1H85173581226826512.61810.4UL, UN, CB

Our Large Cell Features & Benefits:

Advanced Heat Dissipation

JKPower’s SPLB cells dissipate heat much more efficiently than comparable cylindrical or prismatic cells due to their increased surface area to volume ratio. Maintaining temperature within the battery cell is crucial for optimal performance.Advanced Heat

Low Internal Resistance

JKPower’s SPLB cells are manufactured using patented Z-fold design techniques, providing unparalleled low internal resistance which means more power. Low Internal Resistence

High Efficiency

The low internal resistance and optimal design properties of JKPower’s SLPB cells makes them the most efficiency lithium ion cell on the market, reducing operating costs across the board. High Efficiency

Long Cycle Life

Our quality, material, and reliability testing allows us to achieve maximum cycle life in all of our cells. With lifespans upwards of 5,000 discharge/charge cycles before reaching 80% of the cell’s original capacity, your devices will run longer with fewer battery replacements.

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