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Small Format Flexible Lithium Polymer Batteries and Superior Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries

Small format Flexible and Superior Lithium Polymer Batteries (FLPB and SLPB) for integrated power solutions.

Small format FLPB and SLPB cells are the highest quality rechargeable small pouch lithium polymer battery cells on the market, providing unrivaled power densities up to 4200 W/kg and energy densities of over 200 Wh/kg. These cells are designed to be flexible in their size, shape, and capacity to fit custom medical, and consumer wearable devices. These cells provide unrivaled power and energy density.

We also have the ability to custom design cells for unique geometries that are not available on the market today.

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Available Small Format Lithium Battery Cells

Max Discharge Rate (C)Dimension (mm)
Cell TypeNo.ModelNominal VoltageNominal CapacityWeight (g)ContinuousPulseThicknessWidthLengthRemark
FLPB1FLPB3012203.7V48mAh1.22331220shipping max
2FLPB3812203.7V68mAh1.6233.81220shipping max
3FLPB5012203.7V85mAh22351220shipping max
4FLPB2217233.8V70mAh1.8232.217.523swelling max
5FLPB3010313.8V76mAh1.823310.330.75swelling max
6FLPB2516303.8V100mAh2.1232.51630swelling max
7FLPB3520303.8V200mAh3.7233.52030swelling max
8FLPB3427353.7V325mAh7233.42735shipping max
9FLPB4625363.8V450mAh8.5234.62536shipping max
10FLPB5518313.7V300mAh12235.518.631swelling max
11FLPB5734523.7V1,230mAh22235.83450.4swelling max
12FLPB463535R3.7V460mAh8.4234.63535swelling max
13FLPB493535R3.8V500mAh9234.93535swelling max
ASDB1ASDB3314263.8V76mAh2.5233.2514.225swelling max
2ASDB3434153.8V94mAh1.8233.434.514.5swelling max
3ASDB3718283.8V160mAh3233.71828swelling max
4ASDB4023343.8V270mAh52342334swelling max
5ASDB5424373.8V450mAh8235.42437swelling max
Capacity (Ah)


Our Small Cell Features & Benefits:

Flexible Design

JKPower FPLB and small format SLPB cells provide small and flexible designs to fit even the smallest applications. These cells can also be customized to fit the exact requirements of any application.

Custom Cells

Low Internal Resistance

JKPower’s FLPB and SLPB cells are manufactured using patented Z-fold design techniques, providing unparalleled low internal resistance which means more power and efficiency. Low Internal Resistence

Patented Encapsulation Technology

The JKPower FLPB cells are manufactured using a patented encapsulation process with prevents internal short circuits caused by burrs or debris.

EncapsulationEncapsulation 2

Long Cycle Life

Our quality, material, and reliability testing allows us to achieve maximum cycle life in all of our cells. With lifespans upwards of 5,000 discharge/charge cycles before reaching 80% of the cell’s original capacity, your devices will run longer with fewer battery replacements.

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