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If you need to power the most critical medical applications, JKPower can help.

Essential Power for medical wearables to life-critical medical devices

Our advanced lithium ion and lithium polymer battery cell technologies powers the most advanced medical applications throughout the world. Our Superior Lithium Polymer Battery (SLPB) and Flexible Lithium Polymer Battery (FLPB) technologies provide optimal energy and power solutions for the medical industry.

Our cells are currently employed in many FDA Class 2 and Class 3 approved medical devices. The SLPB and FLPB cell lines have passed the most rigorous safety and reliability tests for demanding and vital medical applications.

Our Medical Sector Products Include:

Advanced Medical Wearables

When it comes to wearable medical devices, reliability, safety and convenience are the highest priority. At JKPower our variety of cell sizes and shapes allow for the most slim and elegant devices while providing the energy and power that your device depends. With fast charging rates and high capacities, our lithium cells allow devices such as insulin pumps, activity monitors, and vital monitors to be as convenient as possible.

Medical Transport Equipment

Our lithium ion and lithium polymer cells are on the cutting edge of medical transport equipment. JKPower’s energy and power dense SLPB lithium cells have helped allow our customer’s equipment to be 50% smaller and 60% lighter than previous systems. This transport equipment has been tested to operate at extreme temperatures and under high shock and vibration conditions without battery failure. For even your most demanding medical equipment, we have a cell for you.

Life Sustaining Devices

We know that your customers can’t afford to take risks when it comes to life sustaining devices. At JKPower, we perform unparalleled quality and reliability testing on all of our lithium cells. For everything from ventricular assist to artificial hearts, JKPower provides lithium cells for technology that lives depend on every day.
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