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Over 25 MWh of Kokam cells on the water.

For Marine applications large and small, JKPower has the cells for you.

JKPower has experience in providing advanced lithium ion and lithium polymer battery cells for meeting the high power and reliability demands for numerous marine applications. Regardless of whether you need power for a 2 MWh hybrid ocean going vessel or a 10 kWh all-electric underwater vehicle, JKPower has lithium battery cells perfect for your application.

Our Superior Lithium Polymer Battery (SLPB) cells not only have specific powers up to 4.2 kW/kg, but are rated for pressures upwards of 10,000 psi, making them ideal for submersible and surface ship applications.


Our Marine Sector Products Include:

Electric and Hybrid Marine Boats and Equipment

Hybrid or all-electric passenger ferries, cargo vessels, luxury yachts, and marine power sport equipment all demand top-notch performance. This demands superior quality on-board power delivery and energy storage systems. That’s why JKPower is committed to providing unparalleled lithium cells with outstanding energy and power density, exceeding the status quo for hybrid/electric marine vessels and equipment.

Autonomous and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

For unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), we know that electric power systems must be small and capable of handling extreme pressures without sacrificing power or energy density. JKPower provides fast-charging lithium cells for the very smallest UUVs and AUVs to the largest and most demanding, without losses in performance at pressures up to 10,000 psi. Whether your application is for defense, research, or commercial endeavors, we have the right cells for you.

Electric Personal Submarines

For the more adventurous, JKPower provides advanced lithium cells with unmatched safety and reliability testing to power the most ambitious electric personal submarines. Our cells have been tested up to 10,000 psi, allowing your submarine to achieve greater depths. With unparalleled power and energy density, these cells allow your submarine to travel deeper for longer periods of time and with shorter recharge intervals.
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