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Lithium Ion PowerDisc Coin Cells

PowerDisc coin cells for the most demanding power solutions.

The JKPower PowerDisc (PD) series are the highest quality rechargeable lithium coin cells on the market. These lithium ion and lithium polymer cells are small and convenient while providing excellent energy and power density. The PD coin cells have outstanding heat-dissipation properties and provide excellent performance at extreme temperatures.

The PD coin cells are ideal for wearable and medical applications where compactness and convenience is a must.


PowerDisc Configs1

Available Lithium Ion Coin Cells

Max Discharge Rate (C)Dimension (mm)
Cell TypeNo.ModelNominal VoltageNominal CapacityWeight (g)ContinuousDiameterThicknessRemark
PD1PD2032C13.7V85mAh3.402203.6shipping max
2PD20483.7V120mAh4.202205.2shipping max
3PD2430C13.7V110mAh4.60224.53.25shipping max
4PD24403.7V150mAh5.50224.54.4shipping max
5PD24503.7V200mAh6.50224.55.4shipping max
6PD30323.7V200mAh7.202303.4shipping max
7PD30483.7V300mAh9.102304.9shipping max
8PD35553.7V500mAh14.302355.7shipping max

Our Coin Cells Features & Benefits:

Patented Encapsulation Technology

The JKPower PD lithium cells are manufactured using a patented encapsulation process with prevents internal short circuits caused by burrs or debris.
Encapsulation Encapsulation 2

Advanced Heat Dissipation

JKPower’s PD lithium coin cells dissipate heat much more efficiently than the competitors. Maintaining temperature within the battery cell is crucial for optimal performance.

Various Tab and PCM Configurations

JKPower’s PD lithium coin cells are available in numerous different tab and PCM configurations to fit your applications needs. Some examples below. Tab Configuration

Long Cycle Life

Our quality, material, and reliability testing allows us to achieve maximum cycle life in all of our lithium cells. With lifespans upwards of 5,000 discharge/charge cycles before reaching 80% of the cell’s original capacity, your devices will run longer with fewer battery.

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